How To Order

Step 1        : Login to your account 



Step 2        : Choose your design options base on the code provide under the picture



Step 3        : Enter your desire quantity number



Step 4        : Click “Add To Cart”. 



Step 5        : A pop up notice box will prompt out on the top right corner screen, indicate product had add to shopping cart.



Step 6         : Select “View Cart” to view your order.  Or you can click “Checkout” to check out the order.



Step 7-9     : Confirm the order quantity and Click “Checkout” button to checkout your order.



Step 10-11   : Fill in the shipment address and select “Continue” to proceed.



Step 12-13     : Please leave a note to us about your order and select “Continue”.



Step 14       : Click “Confirm Order” to place the order.



Step 15       : Please transfer payment to the account and reply to our email attached with the transaction slip.  We will carefully execute your order and guarantee the delivery to you.